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Interview to SHI of (video inside)

Why do you practise parkour and what's parkour means for you?
My perception of parkour is always changing and is a reflection of my inner self at a moment in time. For example when I started, I liked the movements and of trying something new. When I was injured, it was about becoming stronger.

When do you start to practice parkour?
About 1 ½ years ago.

Which was the first time that you see something about parkour and what did you have thought about it?

I read in a magazine about parkour classes and techniques about how to get from A to B quickly and efficiently so I thought it sounded useful and fun.

How many times do you usually train in a week?

2-3 times a week.

Do you think parkour is a discipline for man only? Why not?

The movement, training, discipline and values of parkour are universal and appeal to everyone, regardless of gender.

What do you want to suggest to all the girls that wants to start?
Practise safely and start small. Don’t start by jumping off balconies and between buildings. Find your local parkour community or classes and learn from them. Increase your fitness and strength and don’t be limited by people’s expectations. Always push yourself and be strong for yourself, your family, friends and community.

What do you think can be different in the parkour made by a traceuse and a traceur?

Women have to work harder to build strength but are naturally more flexible and have better balance. With practice, many are able to do the saut de chat, wall runs and arm jumps (see the videos page).

Do you practice alone sometimes? If yes, which do you think are the benefits of training alone?

When you practice alone you can focus on what you want to do without distractions. But sometimes you have to be more focused in challenging yourself there is no one to urge you on.

Does parkour change your life? How?

I’ve become stronger all around. I’ve also met many people from all over the world and everyone is very supportive of each other. The parkour community is a great community to belong to.

Which is the scope of your website

We want to help girls get started and improve their skills in parkour, to show a good representation of traceuses globally, encourage safe practice, and to encourage women to participate and to be part of a global community. We have event reviews, articles, video links, forums and a photo gallery for traceuses. A lot of experienced traceuses are involved in the website and it is there because of them.

Leave a message to all of the traceuse out there

Trust your strengths and know your weaknesses. Understand yourself and the knowledge will follow.

In the end a video of "Sydney Girls' Jam 1/3/09"

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